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Hey, this is Jamie and this is the tumblr edition of What a Kerfuffle: An Art Blog. View the full blog featuring all my cartoons at: http://whatakerfuffle.blogspot.com/. I also occasionally post the Little Paper Dresses I make: http://littlepaperdresses.blogspot.com.

The beautiful Fei Fei Sun! 

There is a small pop up display of my digital art up at the Poirier Branch of the Coquitlam Public Library. Works include the Hockey players, Endeavour, Wonder Woman, and Emelia Clarke.


Presents in the mail! Presents in the mail!!!!!!
whatakerfuffle is the best :) <3 <3 <3

I printed tiny versions of my art for my buddies :)

You’re welcome, inkandswirls!

inkandswirls Please feel free to reblog photos of Carey Price, Sidney Crosby, or John Tavares for me anytime. It provides great artistic inspiration ;)

As a Canadian lady, I felt it was my patriotic duty to draw the handsome hockey players of Team Canada. 


And now a Little Paper Dresses update: I made tiny replica’s of Bilbo, Thorin, and Thranduil’s costumes from the Hobbit. They are between 3 and 7 inches tall.


If you happen to be living or visiting the Coquitlam area, why not check out a small display of my art and little paper dresses at the City Centre Branch of the Coquitlam Public Library (1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC, Canada)? It’s called “Pop Goes the Library: The Pop Culture Inspired Art of Jamie McCarthy” and it runs until the last week of February. All the works are based on movies, TV shows, or books. 

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You. Are. Amazing. Have a wonderful day, love.
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Thank you! You are amazing too! What nice way to start the day :)